Our Magic Ice Towel approved color fastness test

Post Date: 2018-01-22      Viewed : 1546

Good News for our buyers !


Our Magic Ice towel got rate 4-5 for color fastness testing !

1)      Color Fastness To Washing     ( ISO 105-C06:2010; hand wash at 30 degree )

2)      Color Fastness To Perspiration  ( ISO 105-C06:2013 test specimen in vertical position )

All the above tests got 4-5 rate, while Gray Scale rating is based on the 5-step scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is bad and 5 is good.


Briefly speaking, our instant cooling towel is not only UV resistant and Evaporative Cooling ,

Wash it and sweat it while using, the color is stable and not easy to fall, which meet good quality standard !


This is definitely strengthen customer’s confidence in our product quality !

We make it , we care your request! We do it better!

Trust us and contact us to order more now , we welcome customized order at MOQ 500 units . 

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Please view test report as follows screen capture : 



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