Together , we will beat COVID-19 . Our production lines are running normal now

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Dear Customer, 

Thanks to the China Government's strict lockdown policy in Jan and earlier of Feb. ,  
China has restored production since mid-February as the country is ahead of the world in recovering from COVID-19, and Wuhan , Huben also ended lockdown in early April.
Our own factory which located in Shenzhen has return to work in March, 2020, all production lines are running normal now, we could provide quotation/ production as before.  

Due to this epidemic, our multi-purpose headwear becomes very hot, some customer use it as a simple facemask in daily life. 
Made of soft & stretchy microfiber polyester, breathable  & one size fits all. 
It ‘s designed to wear in 12+ different ways: A face mask, bandana, headband, balaclava, beanie, wristband, hairband, neck gaiter,  hood, head wrap, neckerchief, and any way you can dream up !
Keep one of these face masks in your emergency kit and be protected from dust, debris, wind and light smoke. 

We are thankful for the improving situation with regard to Covid-19 in China , and pray for continued good news in all the other countries .  
We hope you and your families , colleagues all stay safe , healthy , and everything in the world could return to normal soon. 

Stay Safe , Stay Strong !  Together , we will beat COVID-19 . 

Sincerely yours, 


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