Folding Umbrella Storage Bag

  • Designed for storage umbrella , the outer material is an ultra-waterproof fabric with PU coating, inner material is microfiber ,suitable for holding folded umbrellas 26 cm in length or less.
  • This portable carry bag is equipped with high-quality zipper for smooth open and close. You can use it as an umbrella storage bag when you close the zipper or as absorbent wipes when it is fully open.
  • Fluffy fabric lining microfiber bring outstanding water absorption performance , it will suck the rain water from wet umbrella. Quickly soaks up water from your dripping umbrella.
  • Ideal for use in car , the microfiber towel inside can be used as a rag to wipe the car. When driving in rainy day, people can use it to wipe the water stains in the car and then put the umbrella in to keep the car clean. it can also be used to wipe off the water attached to car mirrors etc.
  • This handy pouch helps to increase storage space , it fits neatly in your bag or purse without wetting other belongings. people can use it as a umbrella holder , and also put any of other daily necessities. It Is a very practical household items .
  • MOQ 500 pcs to start , your business logo, advertising slogan, or custom artwork prominently displayed, Order yours umbrella pouch now .

Product Specifications