Inflatable Air Sofa

  • Has your neck ever felt painful or uncomfortable when you are lying on the traditional air lounger for a long time?This inflatable lounger air sofa gives your upper back and neck excellent support, you will enjoy the relaxing time on this ultra-comfortable inflatable air lounger.
  • Our Inflatable lazy sofa is made from soft nylon which is not only coated, but the threads are also in a lattice pattern to ensure air leakages won't take place. The sturdy double-layered material with superb craftsmanship could bear 2 or 3 people's weight.
Inflatable Air Sofa
Inflatable Air Sofa
  • No pump required, Simply open it up against the wind and whisk it through the air to fill the lounger. You may need to do this 3-4 times. Then roll the edges in , buckle and you're all set! Comparing to other traditional air loungers which are inflated with a pump or blew up by mouth, our lazy lounger is easy to inflate. Open the carry bag and run several steps against the wind and swing the bag to scoop the air into it, and keep the mouth closed. Ideal Inflatable Couch for Travelling, Outdoor, Camping, Hiking, Beach Parties, Picnic, Backyard, Lakeside, air Hammock Inflatable Lounger, Inflatable Lounger for Adults
  • Personalized order is welcomed at minimum 100 units.
Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa Inflatable Air Sofa

Product Specifications

Inflatable Air Sofa

Item No: AG0582
Size:250 x 70 cm (inflation)