Safety Reflector With LED Flash Light

  • Do you value safety while you, your children, or your pets are outside at night ? We do, which is why we launched these Safety Reflector With LED Flash Light .
  • Our magnetic LED clip / keychain are stylish and fun-to-wear, must-have for kids, teens and adults when walking, running or bicycling at night and in the early morning.
  • LED slap band is made with reflective PVC and Velcro, fully adjustable , one size to fit all, it can be easily applied as armband, ankle band, bicycle safety band for both adults and children.
  • Magnetic LED Clip can be attached on anything, wear those on your clothes, shoes, on your running belt , or stick it to your bike, your fridge etc .
  • Use the LED flash keychain to hang on zipper pulls of jackets , backpacks and on bags, purses, strollers, baby carriages, wheel chairs, wagons, dog leashes and more for increased visibility up to 500 feets .
  • These safety reflectors with LED flashing light are perfect for pet and animal lovers , several different colors to match your mood, wardrobe and your dog or the spirit wear color for your favorite team.
Magic Ice Towel
Magic Ice Towel
  • The universal smiling face print design matches various applications .
  • Includes children for fun in the evening, glow party, joggers, cyclists that can wear the band or slap wrap to any part of the bike, outdoor activity that can slap wrap the band to the backpack, campers .
  • Perfect for for running, cycling, pet walking, hiking, camping, sports at night, concerts and raves, marathons etc.
  • Small lithium battery powered LED lights provides high visibility in dusk and night time activities. Reflective PVC on the top provides extra security.
  • LED light feature 3 modes for use, just click the button for on/off, slow flash, fast flash & steady light.
  • All flashing bracelet use a special non-toxic, environmentally friendly, technology which makes them not only water resistant, but also sweat resistant , smell resistant keeping them fresh for hundreds of uses.
  • Easy battery replacement , it has a pull tab attached to the battery kit. By simply pulling the tab, the battery holder will be exposed.
  • Welcome personalized LED safety product order at MOQ 500 pcs.

Product Specifications