Waterproof Dry Bag

  • Water protection for the things that should always be with you while you are fishing, kayaking, hiking, boating, going to a water park, spending time near a pool or at the beach, or taking a long trip to the mountains…… That's why it's a good idea to pack your essential (and expensive) travel accessories in a pack that can stay dry, while at the same time not ripping apart the first time it gets dropped or scraped against the ground.
  • This multipurpose dry bag is made of hardwearing reinforced PVC Tarpaulin 500 den thick, waterproof and safe locked. which ensure that people will enjoy using it for years.
  • We've made our dry sack simple and easy-to-use. Just 3 steps: Put Inside - Roll – Click. It has a one-shoulder strong belt that is easy to fasten. After use, the bag needs very little storing space in your luggage or on a shelf.
Touch Screen Glove
Touch Screen Glove
  • Our factory offers a variety of colors (red, black, green, blue, orange) and volumes (5L ,10L, 20L ) which customers can choose according to their individual needs.
  • The adventure dry pack makes a nice premium giveaway item for any business concerned with outdoor activities and water events .  It’s also a wonderful accessory for anyone in your business circle (co-workers, clients, vendors) who frequently travels, either as part of their jobs or just for recreation.
  • MOQ 200 pcs to start , your business logo, advertising slogan, or custom artwork prominently displayed, Order yours dry bag now .

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Product Specifications

Dry Bag

Item No: AG0483
Size:Volume - 10 Liters
Weight : 300 g
Flat open height – 47 cm
Rolled folded height - 38 cm
Bottom diameter – 20 cm
Webbing size – 4.6 x 58 cm .