Neck Cooling Ring

  • Neck Cooling reduces body heat by cooling the neck. Put it in direct contact with the skin and it absorbs body heat and cools down comfortably. Release your body heat and prevent heatstroke. It doesn't condense, so Neck Cooling Tube can keep your clothes dry and comfortable, and maintain a moderate cooling temperature. Don't worry about low temperature frostbite. It has a lower specific gravity than water, so it is light and can be used repeatedly.
  • Using the PCM material,which is the best green environmental carrier, non-toxic and harmless, so you can use it with peace of mind. Freeze naturally below 24°C and can be reused, which is the best choice for energy saving.
Neck Cooling Ring
Neck Cooling Ring
  • Just put it in freezer for about 30 minutes, then take it out and use it. Cooling Neck Wraps can also be cooled in ice water or air-conditioned room. The use time is about 60-90 minutes (depending on the weather and body temperature to determine the use time).
  • The circumference of the Neck Cooler is suitable for the size of most people's necks. Basic size has S/M/L for your option. It fits the neck and is not easy to fall off. Wearing it will not increase the burden on the neck. It can be used in various scenes such as people who exercise regularly, people who work outdoors, commuting to work or school, playing golf , fishing, and people doing housework.Suitable as a Mother's Day gift
  • MOQ 500pcs per color per design to customize your favourite color and brand your logo on.
Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring Neck Cooling Ring

Product Specifications

Neck Cooling Ring_(Large)

Item No: AG0619
Size:Inner Φ 125 mm- Outer Φ 165 mm


Neck Cooling Ring_ (Small)

Item No: AG0618
Size:Inner Φ 90 mm- Outer Φ 130 mm


Neck Cooling Ring_(Medium)

Item No: AG0617
Size:Inner Φ 105 mm - Outer Φ 150 mm