Reusable Anti Fog Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • The epidemic prevention becomes regular, this product can really help people who wear glasses with their lens fogging problem. Made of premium quality ultra fine Microfiber , it’s a safe and effective way to clean your delicate surfaces leaving them crystal clear, and keep your phone screens , eyeglasses,camera lens, any goggles, windshields, , scopes, and endless other surface types fog-free of fingerprints, dust, oil, fog and smudges.
  • New upgraded version anti fog cloth support silkscreen printing / digital photo printing / embossing logo now. Make your customize design more interesting.
  • When you meet unclear sight or the lens is fogged, you need to wipe it directly with the lens cleaner wipes. After 5-10 times of repeated wiping, you can make the lens clean. If the lens is stained, please rinse the lens with clean water first, then dry it with paper towels before using the anti-fog glasses cloth wipe, this won't only protect your lenses but also make the wiping effect clearer.
  • Please be sure that the Anti-Fog microfiber cleaning cloth can NOT be washed, NON-WASHED, NOT WASHING! After using the cloth, please keep it sealed tightly to assure then it will be effective next time.
  • MOQ 1,000 pcs to start custom order.

Product Specifications